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Here’s a few of our previous clients…


Magic of DoingMagic of Doing


Magic of Doing is a brand created by Anelia Sutton. She helps business owners start transition into the online marketplace. Offering courses, e-books, advice, etc. Anelia does it all. She had so much content, but no one to see any of it.

When she hired me, I went in and optimized all of her social media profiles. I gave her a way to re-brand herself in a strategic manner. She was one of those people that had no idea where to start on social media. Even with a thousand followers, she had little engagement. She wanted to build a community on social media.


  • Went from less than 1,000 fans to over 60,000 fans in less than a year.
  • She had an increase of over 300% in leads for her course(s)
  • Our successful strategy of content implementation has allowed her to land more clients and create a book on her experience with us.


[blockquote source=”Anelia Sutton”]Excellent work with equally excellent results! I will hire again and again. Thank you.[/blockquote]




Instawash is a start-up found in San Francisco by Neha Arora and another co-founder. Their app is designed to make it easier for users to do their laundry. The app is divided into three steps. First, the user schedules a wash. Second, a local laundromat picks up their laundry. Third, the laundry is delivered back to you the next day.

Because the app is limited to San Francisco, the start-up didn’t require many followers. They needed a loyal customer base that was extremely targeted. They currently have 200 followers and counting. Thus, the fan base was not required to be extremely large.


  • Grew traffic by 200% to their landing page
  • Implemented a strategy for content management
  • Increased leads by 150%
  • Over 80% of their fan base is from San Francisco

More Testimonials…

Dr. Amin Talab, Master Negotiator and Co-Founder of

[blockquote source=”Amin Talab”]Yogin is a great, knowledgable and easy-going capable provider. It is good to see somebody who is so passionate about their work. Will be happy to be working with him for a long time![/blockquote]

Esther, Travel Expert and Founder of

[blockquote source=”Esther Stiksma”]His parents must be so proud for what he does at such a young age. He delivers exceptional content. I will definitely recommend. Thank you very much.[/blockquote]