The Great Instagram Rapture

In case you haven’t heard about the “Instagram Rapture”: Instagram went around deleting spam accounts, which resulted in millions of people losing several followers.

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Famously known for his song, “Rack City,” rapper, Tyga lost 3.3 million Instagram followers after Instagram went around shooting down spam accounts. Another famous celebrity who lost over 3.5 million Instagram followers was Justin Bieber. Considering millions of girls look up to Justin Bieber, it wouldn’t be a shock if there is much controversy around him after this.

Even his Twitter profile seems to be a bit shady, but why don’t you have a look for yourself with this authenticity tool from Social Bakers.

Here is a list of things that can be learned from these recent events. Things that these celebrities may have learned the hard way. The first one is obvious, but needs to be continuously emphasized.

Avoid Buying Followers

When you want to be seen as an authority in the market, it’s not wise to go out and purchase fake followers to boost social presence. First of all, your engagement levels will never proportionately match the amount of followers you may have. With the average brand’s engagement level between 0.5% and 1%, accounts with fake followers can experience rates much drastically under the norms.

When buying such likes or followers, do you even consider where these likes are coming from? With services offering a thousand followers for $11 and a million followers for $3.7K, buying followers can get really expensive. Most places that offer these services state that they are giving out real followers. Yet, most of these places are lying as the accounts are created through bots and come from countries like Bangladesh, Egypt, India, and so on. What are you paying for? Conservatively speaking, nothing.

The Truth Always Comes Out and Karma is a “B Word”

When you are caught red-handed, your true character is shown. Whether you’re truly an honest company or person that simply wanted to expedite your social media success, this truth will do anything but credit you as someone that should be trusted.

Buying Follower- Ben SarmaAccording to U.S. News, Mitt Romney pulled off such a stunt a few years ago, during his presidential campaign. Internet marketer, Ben Sarma, found five accounts, following Mitt Romney, using his profile picture. When Sarma asked these accounts to take this picture down, none replied, indicating a fishy operation. Romney’s Twitter account was discovered to be jumping in follower count by the thousands per day. Although it is completely up to question who truly purchased these followers, the publicity following this reveal was nothing to be proud of.

Another instance we’ve all probably heard by now is how rapper Ma$e deleted his Instagram account. When Instagram cracked down on these spam accounts, Ma$e’s follower count went from 1.6 million to 272K. This event prompted him to delete his account, indicating he didn’t want to face the repercussions of his actions. This is definitely not a sign of a winner.


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Buying Followers Doesn’t Guarantee You More Business

What is the point of buying fake followers and wasting all that money? Get more sales, one would answer. So how could doing this possibly get you more sales? Sure, people can argue that when you have fluffed up numbers of likes or followers, you will be perceived as a credible figure. This misleading information can lead real people to put their trust in you, and possibly do business with you. However, how long will this last? The truth always finds its way out. When it does, the backlash will be one your biggest setbacks.

Would you ever embellish the fact that you make more money than you truly do to the IRA? Try to ask yourself this when considering to purchase followers.

shia-labeouf-via-varietyThe key word I keep going back to in this piece is trust. Trust is that single quality that will give your fans or customers a reason to recommend you to others as well as do any type of business with you. If you ever consider thinking about buying followers, think about what you have to lose. Trust.

You can grow this trust by continuously going above and beyond for your customers. On social media, you can prove your reliability by answering questions, commenting back to users and fans, holding interactive events, etc. Webinars, contests, and giveaways are all great ways to create discussion and show your true character.

If you feel like you lost this trust, there is still a lot you can do. Initially, acknowledge that you messed up and come clean. Afterwards, prove your consistency by putting in the work everyday to deliver exceptional content. If you’re on the edge with your fans, steer away from posting advertisements too frequently. You want to give as much value as you can because of your rocky relationship. Remember, with time, everything will become better.

A solution to growing your social media and online presence is to reassess your current social media strategy or by hiring a social media manager. Remember, you want to focus on building relationships, a process which can never be outsourced or expedited. If you don’t have time to continuously focus on your social media, then hiring a manager can truly provide many benefits.

Don’t lose sight of what really matters, creating and preserving a connection. Leave a comment below of what you thought of the whole Instagram cleanse ordeal.